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About Us

Tagbin - Experience Creators, pioneers in planning and executing end-to-end experiential marketing strategies which helps brands to communicate their message in a most magical way by combining creativity with innovative technology.

Vision: To constantly innovate and reinvent the way audiences experience and absorb information.

Mission: Designing and Engineering Experiential Spaces.

Technology is disrupting the way brands want their consumers to engage with them. The traditional & primitive ways of engaging a customer are fast getting replaced by the need for a more real experience of a product or brand, which is not only comprehensive, but is also aided through Technology that is futuristic and somewhat magical. The brand recall & affinity generated through such an experience will always lead to higher brand recall, preference, acquisition and loyalty in the longer run.

At Tagbin, we combine creativity with technology to change the way consumers interact. We pioneer in redefining the customer engagement for brands through extremely relevant & innovative technology, and help establish an everlasting bond of the customer with the brand. We call this Experiential Technology. We cater to the growing need of brands who have realized that the emerging way to engage consumers and explain their products, gather customer data, create mindshare and build pinpointed strategy to enhance customer loyalty, is through the use of innovative technology.

Tagbin is founded on the belief that customized strategic engagement solutions created by integrating creativity, consumer insight and the appropriate technology, help capture higher customer attention & market share. These superior solutions thereby deliver measurable results for your brands, meet business objectives and achieve desired outcomes The use of high-end technology can tremendously impact business outcomes. By using these kinds of technologies, you are not constrained by physical places or spaces and have the ability to give brands an indelible connection to consumers that is literally a game changer by creating an unforgettable experience. You will most certainly increase brand love exponentially.