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Digital technology services driven by experience first approach.

Experience Center

An experience center is designed using advanced experiential tools, and engineered methods to visualize and educate people about the vision of a smart city or a company.

Digital Museums

An immersive and engaging design created by digital and engineered technologies attracting a huge amount of audience in the modern world.

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Smart Govt Solution

In order to increase the efficiency of government and convenience for citizens in smart cities, we offer solutions driven by data.

Projection Mapping Shows

A technique where the texture, color and dimensions of a structure, or a building are mapped with mesmerizing visuals of laser projectors.

A Perfect blend of Creativity and Technology Experts

Tagbin is an experience-driven technology service company started by IIT Roorkee Alumni for creating a digital experience for government and various industries. We are helping smart cities through the latest technology services in ICCC, smart traffic management, intelligent transportation management, development of smart applications for government and making of smart city experience centers. Our work in the heritage, culture and tourism sector includes designing and engineering of digital museums, projection mapping shows, and interpretation centers.

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Industry Wise Services

All Services and Offerings for Govt. and Various Industries.

Preserving the Cuture and Heritage in a Unique Way

  • Digital Museums
  • Interpretation Center
  • Project Management Consulting

Making Magical Experience to Attract and Delight Tourists

  • Projection Mapping Shows
  • Water Screen Projection Shows
  • Tourist Attracting Experiential Projects

Helping in the Development of Smart Cities

  • Digital Experience Centers
  • ICCC
  • Smart Traffic Monitoring System
  • Smart Online Platforms
  • Smart App For Gov
  • Smart Parking
  • Integrated Transport Management System

Best Projects

Awesome Projects for Govt. and Various Industries.

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ICCC is One Intelligent Answer for Cities to Efficiently Monitor Day to Day Services and Resolve Burgeoning Complexities

In the past few years, an unindustrialized number of people have clustered in urban areas in search of bread, modern lifestyle and growth. This ongoing trend is progressive in a way but also causing certain situations in their day-to-day life. Read More

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Meet the Gurugram-based experiential startup that is helping museums and governments embrace immersive, digital tech

Museums are no longer just a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance. In modern times, museums are centres of digital, immersive experiences.

07 Jul, 2019

The Asian Age
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We combine art and technology to invent a magical experience

We have seen technology advance to a level where people are satisfied with the speed at which cars can be driven, the speed of browsing the internet etc. This is the age where people want things not only to function but also to look good.

26 Jan, 2020