Projection Mapping

A technique where the texture, color and dimensions of a structure, or a building are mapped with mesmerizing visuals. It is basically done to showcase the cultural prominence and historical importance of forts and museums or in various types of shows. It has a potential to create a huge buzz by providing a unique experience of visual storytelling.
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Key Pointers

  • Our team is specialized in focusing on every minute details of the projection mapping video and make use of every possible element in the structure to give a magical experience.
  • We focus on an impressive way of storytelling, using light and sound effects.
  • We take a person to experience different stories, by projecting a layer of visuals displayed on a building for a mesmerizing experience.
  • We offer a story to visitors using pictures along with voiceovers and narratives blended in state-of-the-art projection mapping using a software.

Projection Mapping Shows

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Projection-Mapping Show - On Buildings

It’s a multimedia light projection and mapping on a building which brings special effects and exceptional motion graphics to life.

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Projection-Mapping Show - On Structures

From a portrait to an idol in a conventional center, projection mapping can transform any structure into colorful visuals. Artists and advertisers add extra dimensions, optical illusions, and notions of movement to these structures.

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Water Screen Projection Mapping Shows

Giving a unique experience through special effects projected and mapped by engineers on a water screen in lakes or river. It is an exceptionally tempting technique used for delivering a social-message or promoting a brand, event or for any other purpose.


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