Future Proof ERP Solution for every Industry

Designed for development and growth , Tagbin’s ERP software helps manufacturers do more with little resources to generate more revenue and margins.

Modules of ERP

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Asset Management

Asset management refers to a systematic approach to the governance and realization of value from the things that a group or entity is responsible for, over their whole life cycles. It may apply both to tangible assets and to intangible assets.

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Contract Management

Contract management or contract administration is the management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees. The personnel involved in contract administration required to negotiate, support and manage effective contracts are often expensive to train and retain

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Financial and Accounts Management

Financial and accounting software is more than just keeping track of income and expenses. A well-chosen system helps your employees process transactions efficiently, supporting every aspect of the accounts and payment function, through to reporting and up-to-the-minute decision making.

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Freight and Logistics Management System

Freight management logistics encompass the technology, experience, human resources and knowledge utilized to facilitate effective, efficient and expeditious coordination between carriers and shippers and ensure goods are delivered on budget, and on time.

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Project Managemnt

A project management system is a means of managing a project by planning, organizing, and managing its different required aspects. Depending on the sophistication of the project management system, it can include: Estimation activities. Scheduling. Cost control and budget management.

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Sales & marketing

Sales management is the process of developing a sales force, coordinating sales operations, and implementing sales techniques that allow a business to consistently hit, and even surpass, its sales targets.

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Store and Purchase

Purchase management is a system that creates customised approval rules providing the ability to hasten approvals and order placement for the timely receipt of inventory stock. Purchase management streamlines the purchasing and inventory control process of an organisation for greater efficiency and lower costs.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management (SCM) systems are inter-organizational systems that enable companies to efficiently handle the flow of good from suppliers to customers. A supply chain is a network of organizations and facilities that transforms raw materials into products delivered to customers.

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Work Execution

Work Execution Management is the core system that needs to be implemented in every maintenance organization. By simple definition, WEM is how we identify, plan, and do work on our equipment, so it works like it is supposed to, with as little cost and down time as possible.

Technology for Growth


Deploy in the cloud or on-premises, and keep your options open as you grow.


Do business anytime, anywhere to improve efficiency and customer service. 


Rapidly integrate and expand with Tagbin Integration Cloud. 


Monitor your shop floor in real time using data collected from PLCs or IoT sensors.

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Workforce Involvement

Indulge and Grow with the Human Resources of Tomorrow

The ambitious and smart workforce of today anticipates an advanced workplace.Tagbin solutions believes in growing with its employees. We provide solutions that engage employees and challenge them to increase their productivity and output.

  • Amalgamate social-network-style communication with Tagbin Collaborate
  • Empower and Educate teams to master content workflow
  • Smooth running of routine tasks with Tagbin Virtual Agent
  • Ease adoption with a modern design interface

Client oriented

An Elite involvement at Every Touchpoint

Engage with clients as per their requirement and convenience. Tagbin’s ERP helps you cater your customers with a world class experience at every step of the way .

  • Give B2B buyers a B2C experience with integrated eCommerce
  • Control territories, teams, and forecasts all from one world-class CRM
  • Handle contacts, leads, and customers from any device
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Manufacturing Operations

Innovate with Industry 4.0 Technology

Keeping in mind the Industry 4.0 Technology. Tagbin’s ERP was structured with many years of Manufacturing industry experiences to expand revenue with project advancement and production management.

  • Keep check of work in progress, real-time, with Advanced MES
  • Improve technical data processes for better quality management
  • Improve automation and insights with Tagbin IoT

Worldwide Supply Chain Management

Greater Profitability Through Efficiency

You need more prominent experiences, control and perceivability in your projects to remain a step ahead of your competitors. Tagbin's ERP for manufacturing streamlines worldwide supply chain management that helps you in providing an enhanced customer experience and remain in competition in the market.

  • Integrate multiple site views with multi-company capabilities
  • Scale globally with extensive country-specific functionality
  • Leverage advanced EDI software for transaction visibility
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Business Decision Making & Analytics

Precise Data for Strategic Decision Making

Building a data-driven business with Tagbin’s ERP for decision making and analytics. You can keep a check on what is happening across the entire enterprise with the help of electronic reports and dashboards.

  • Get quick replies with Tagbin Virtual Agent
  • Drill into your data with Tagbin Data Discovery
  • Turn data into actionable insights with Tagbin Data Analytics
  • Keep a constant check on production with Advanced MES production monitoring