Digital Museums

An immersive and engaging design created by digital and engineered technologies attracting a huge amount of audience in the modern world. Digital Museums are designed to creatively educate people about their culture and history.
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Key Pointers

  • We focus on ways where we stay at the forefront of multimedia technologies to revolutionize conventional museum spaces by building visitor engagement and communities around the museum.
  • We work to fuel experiences and stimulate human senses leaving a lasting impression on the minds of the people.
  • Digital and experiential tools take imagination beyond reality by infusing action into motionless objects.
  • To imbibe an interest in the audience we install high-end immersive and engaging techniques brushing up the mundane and breathing life into spaces.

Latest Digital Experience in Museums

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3D Modelling of Artefacts

3D modelling has now made it possible to visualize the broken or damaged part of the artefact. It also allows visualizing the artefacts in their original form during their time.

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Artefacts Display with Augmented Reality Apps

Augment Reality Apps in Museums are designed to allow visitors to explore more about the remains of the artefact from the past.

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Beacon Technology for Way Finding

Beacon Technology helps visitors in finding paths inside the museum and when it is combined with an audio guide, it automatically trigger verses or narrations as per the zone of the museum.

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Quiz and Games in Museums

Quiz and games are believed to be the most experiential way to teach something with fun. Museums are now applying the same logic to involve visitors in games and quiz as training as well as a fun activity to take a home a memorable experience.

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Image Enhancement Technology

Condition of scripts, paintings, and readings in various artefacts deteriorates with time. This challenge can be overcome with image enhancing technology that allows viewers to take a close and enlarged look at the object to identify them clearly.

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Immersive Room in Museum

The immersive room is like a wonderland for the visitors. It allows the audience to relax after a long walk and to peacefully immerse themselves in the story.

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Museum App

Making a museum app opens a channel where multiple visitors can be connected and spread word of mouth.

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Museum Audio Guide

Museum Audio Guide allows the visitors to find the right journey inside the museum without any interference of diverting the attention from the story lay down in the museum.

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Museum Website

The website for the museum has become a necessity in today’s era for gaining maximum visibility. It opens up many possibilities of engagement and community building around it by creating subscribed groups around it, for ticketing and weekly information.

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Projection Mapping on Stupa

Projection mapping is an amazing way to create an illusion or tell a visually immersive story without the interference of any goggles or device unlike Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality.

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Virtual Reality in Museums

Museum Audio Guide allows the visitors to find the right journey inside the museum without any interference of diverting the attention from the story lay down in the museum.

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Virtual Tour of Museums

VR walkthrough displayed on the museum website and app is one the most interesting way to increase curiosity among the visitors to visit the museum.


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Azadi Ke Diwane Digital Museum At Red Fort
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Yaad E Jallian Digital Museum At Red Fort