Yaad E Jallian Digital Museum at Red Fort

An Experience of Sacrifices Shall Educate the Youth

Traditional Museums rely on static display of artifacts and information; this may cause an exhaustion of the attention span and premature saturation of absorption of information for the audience. Yaad-e-Jallian captures and retains the attention of the audience by teleporting them to the actual site of the event. It's an interactive and engaging platform that narrates the entire story of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre with the audience experiencing it virtually.

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Wear Their Couture, Feel What Freedom Fighters Felt

Yaad-E-Jallian museum is a creative work of engineers that takes one back to the battleground of 13th April 1919. This museum is designed with a strong motive to make people wear the role of the freedom fighters and thereby carry an indelible memory of their sacrifice. Innovative techniques used to create an environment of the time of the tragedy, help people identify with the sensibility of the event. A series of installations elaborate the incident itself and the subsequent situation in the country.