Valmiki Museum

The walkways will be equipped with augmented reality to illustrate the important aspects of Maharishi’s life. An absorbing cylinder curtain projection has been used to depict the events related to his birth and 3D immersive technology with scenography, creates a reality of the many phases of Valmiki ji’s life, spanning attaining enlightenment to the Ashwamedha Yagya.

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A fascinating 270 degree immersive room using reflective text on a rotating installation will tell the story of the composition of Ramayana. Holography will be employed to learn about the poetic marvel. ‘Sanjeevani Vidhya’ and ‘Yoga Vasistha’ will be exhibited through a kinetic installation. Projection mapping will play the many inspirational stories from ‘Ramayana’.

The Ashwamedha Yagya that brought Luv and Kush in war with their family, is represented as an immersive experience, with projection mapping on a 270 degree screen, a captivating projection on the floor which is offset with projection of the Dharma Chakra on the ceiling. The visitors will get an authentic feel of that time and age.

Visitors will be happy to take home print-outs of responses to questions displayed on screens, the answers coming from the wisdom of learned Valmiki ji.

Tagbin’s skill to blend technology with creativity will be on show.

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