UCB Kid’s Store Launch through VR Game

Let’s combat the ‘culture of hatred’ by spreading awareness

The retail giant wanted to launch a new kid’s store at the Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi. In promoting the brand, Tagbin took an initiative and made sure to turn this launch into a win-win show. A special add-on message was expressed to combat the ‘culture of hatred’ and spread awareness through ‘UNHATE FOUNDATION’ worldwide.

VR Game UCB-Image-2
VR Game UCB-Image-3

Brand a Fashion Launch with a Useful Message

Our team set up an interactive VIRTUAL REALITY GAME to give spectators a real-time experience. Participants were provided with VR headsets and asked to move the light saber given to them on a target spot to collect the flying objects in 2 minutes. Doing so in return added to their collected points. And if they collected UCB logo, extra bonus points are gained.