The Textile Gallery

Displays the connection of Indian Textiles with India’s Age-Old Heritage

The prominence of Indian textiles is not conversant to the contemporary world. People are neglectful about our diversity in creating products and their importance in our economic growth. There are next to zilch textile galleries/museums in India. For fashion students, industrialists and others – various textiles from various parts of India are displayed inside the Gallery.

Textile Gallery-Image-2
Textile Gallery-Image-3

Preserving the Historic Artifacts in an Immersive Way

An eye-appealing segregation of artifacts is meticulously structured into 5 zones - weaving, embroidery, dyeing, pattern, and tana bana. ‘Textile Gallery’ is an onset of Indian traditional value system and perseverance of cultural aesthetics, illustrated inside the museum using new-fangled technological ways to educate people.