The Gallery on Lost & Confiscated Items, Purana Qila Museum

Antiquity Theft Kept Many Eyes from Reading about Nation’s Rich Heritage

1950s and ’60s saw a large number of illegally exported Indian antiques find their way to international art galleries and museums, especially in the US. According to UNESCO, the idols and artefacts stolen out of India were around 50,000 till 1989. Due to which perseverance of these lost and confiscated items became important.

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Housing a Variety of Retrieved and Special Artifacts at Purana Qila

At The Central Antiquity Collection, inside the Purana Qila Monument Complex, a Gallery on Lost and Confiscated Items is designated for display of artifacts recovered by the CBI and Enforcement Directorate of India. The Display of items lobs attention on the importance of cultural heritage and focuses on the intrinsic aesthetic qualities and iconography of the artefacts. Fabrication of this Gallery is an unbeatable exhibition that uses interactive panels to inform visitors about kept antiquities.