Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya

Standing tall in the heart of Delhi, in a vast area of 15,000 sq ft, it employs the latest technology to explore the impact of the Prime Ministers on the course of history and culture of the nation.

It has been very gratifying for Tagbin to curate, design and style this museum.We have employed cutting edge technology to actualize the lives of the eminent personalities of our republic in a completely digital museum, only one of its kind in India.

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The reception is mesmeric with a levitating image of the National Emblem, the significance of our democracy is illustrated through 3D content under the expanse of a virtual tree. The National Flag designed with kinetic lights sways magnificently, crowning the roof, as we step towards the galleries. A time machine has been installed to journey into the political history of the nation; in immersive rooms the past comes alive with a mix of scenography and technology. Interactive screens make decades of information available at a tap. Through Holography our leaders speak to us once again.

Immersive and true-to-life experiences await the visitors in 7D theatre rooms that will bring important events of Indian history to life. The Pokhran launch station is recreated for people to live the countdown to the launch and feel the power of the take-off.

Tagbin has made it possible for visitors to carry back a personal message penned by one’s favourite leader, stroll with a Prime Minister of choice in the lawns of the museum and take a photograph with the Prime Ministers. One can leave an experience behind on the mammoth Memory wall.

Sensitive to the requirements of the Visitor, Tagbin has provided an audio guide to customize one’s tour through the museum. The multilingual audio guide syncs easily with all the exhibits on display.

One of the most modern museums in the world will soon be there!

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