Museum on 70yrs of J&K Saga - National Archives Museum

A Museum Designed to Offer High-End Experiential Experience

NAI is a clandestine of historic evidences. With Digital Exhibition for NAI, the authority demanded a show which could clearly illustrate the journey of Jammu & Kashmir completing 70 years’ of accession. This fine exhibition is presented by Tagbin using high-end experiential tools.​

National Archives Museum-Digital Museum-Image-2
National Archives Museum-Digital Museum-Image-3

Journey of Jammu and Kashmir in a Technical Archival Display

The event was well received by respected dignitaries. We were able to showcase the history of J&K using spectacular in-house technologies. This digital exhibition allowed viewers to witness original documents, maps, archival letters, photographs and videos related to Kashmir’s conflict. It was truly an honor to serve the 'National Archives of India'.