Microsoft Product Launch

An Engaging campaign using Digital Tambola for Visitors

In the Red Raas event held in Ahmedabad, Microsoft launched its new gadget line - Lumia 540 and wanted people to understand its features. Therefore, Tagbin organized an attention-grabbing activity named ‘digital tambola’ to encourage the visitors’ attend the event. This activity was planned in such a way that it collected a remarkable audience support which doubled with each passing day.

Microsoft Lumia-Digital Tambola Image-2
Microsoft Lumia-Digital Tambola Image-3

An Engagement Activity which Led To Increased Sales

Tagbin organized a digital activity in order to invite people to the launch. Participation required participant’s smartphone to play a simple game of Tambola. A local Wi-Fi zone was set up at the stall in order to get them registered. On a big LED screen of Lumia 540, Tambola numbers got displayed. ‘Lumia 540’ was the award for the final winner, who collected more numbers than others.