Mercedes Benz Talking Car App

How to Put a Car to Sale in a Unique Way?

Purchasing a car is a big step in any customer’s life, it’s like a dream come true for many. This decision is made smartly and not by just considering a singular factor. People do proper research, consult friends, and most importantly visit showrooms, check price tags and take test drives. Generally, in every store a sales representative explains the car features to us. Benz adopted an exhilarating idea to substitute the sales representative with a Talking Car App integrated with the car’s functional systems.

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A High-Tech Salesperson Can Improve Car Sales Enormously

The talking car was developed by Tagbin to improve the sales. Tagbin contributed an application to up-scale the sales-conversion ratio for Mercedes Benz. Keeping in mind some qualitative performance measures, we designed a talking car app for better sales, performance, customer feedback to help buyers make a better purchase-decision.