Mahatma-on-Celluloid Multimedia Digital Exhibition, IFFI 2018

Displaying the Vitrine Idea behind Mahatma’s Philosophy on Life

To pay ode to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Birth Anniversary, the Ministry of Information and broadcasting wanted to display Bapu’s ideas of truth and non-violence in an easy communicating manner. The exhibition asked for a more informative and interactive platform. Hence, we installed a variety of quality games, digital and multi-sensory equipment to make exhibition an engaging process for the people.

Remarkable and Interactive Recreation of Mahatma Gandhi’s Life

A digital experience embarked to let people live through instances of Mahatma Life, spruced by relevant content, hand gestures and enabled augmented reality. A digital collage of films based on his accomplishments is methodically described. An inside tour is wheeled to take viewers through a series of his life’s history.