Theme Park Site at Jyotisar

The epic Mahabharata, housed in five edifices, will be brought alive with Tagbin’s imaginative application of digital technology. Gita Shalokas floating on a water screen, and in the sanctuary of a levitating Sudarshan Chakra, one will learn about the details of the museum. The ancient narratives will be depicted through a water projection, stories will be recounted through scenography with changing time and seasons giving the visitors a palpable sense of reality and Draupadi will appear through a digital Yagyashala to amaze the viewers.

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"Bheem’s interaction with Yagya, in ancient times, will be mimicked through tablets, where visitors can answer Yagya’s questions and tally with the correct answers.

The immersive dome will take one right into the battlefield, with a sense and feel of the time of the day. A Kinetic installation will build the death-bed of Bhishma Pitama with a shower of arrows. A projection show is to be used to hear Bhishma Pitama’s priceless wisdom on Raj Dharma, Desh Dharma and family life.

Sitting on Krishna & Arjun's chariot, one can imbibe the wisdom of 'Gita' through an audio guide as one is enthralled by the holographic depictions.

An attractive installation of Krishna made with bells in yet another immersive area, will have the sense and feel of a temple created by technology with flowers being showered on the visitors. An interactive Lotus pond will provide solutions to one's problems with Gita Shalokas as answers. A print-out will be available to take away as a souvenir."

"Vast as the universe, the essence of Gita will be seen symbolically as Chakras (discs) rotating in different directions. A holographic projection will show the sublime meetings between Dhritrashtra and Bheem. Through a water reflection projection, one will be able to participate in the coronation ceremony of Yudhishtar. A talking glass coupled with projection will take one on the journey to heaven with Draupadi and the pandavas.

The central atrium will have an incredible 360 degree projection. Here there will be a compelling blend of the beauty of live theatre and the splendour of projection mapping along with drones and sky projection.

Tagbin’s ingenious coupling of heritage with progressive technology will bring forth a one-of-its-kind experience centre, to be enjoyed and appreciated across the age canvas."

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