India Today Conclave 2017

Advancement in Print Media with the use of Technology

The media giant wanted to captivate attention of the people with a definite business goal of highlighting the importance of print media through technology. Here, Tagbin focused on showcasing a page-by-page digitized print publication on large screen. The pages of which could be flipped by waving one’s hand over the digitized content.

India Today Conclave 2017-Image-2
India Today Conclave 2017-Image-3

An AR Event for India Today

It was a 10 minute augmented reality presentation on stage. Kalli Puri, Director India Today delivered an important speech via AR stage presentation. Facing her, at the location, was placed a camera mounted with sensors. Her movements in-keeping with the elements of her speech, were recorded and projected on screen with dramatic effect. The event was a great success