Gionee Digital Showroom

Putting One’s Purchase to Comparative Analysis

Purchasing a phone from a multi-retail showroom can be an overwhelming experience with the presence of many options. The customers are usually confused due to lack of adequate information or knowledge; further salespeople may back products with better margins, making it more difficult for customers. The requirement of the day is availability of comparative analysis from a trusted source.

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The Smart Sensor Table Considerably Improved Gionee’s Sales in Multi-Retail Showrooms

To address this challenge, Tagbin created a unique smart table, which acted as their personal consultant. As the customer placed the phone on a sensor-based table, all features of the phone appeared on-screen. When 2 Gionee phones were placed together on the smart table, the features of both the phones appeared for the customer to help them make an informed decision. This smart sensor table considerably improved Gionee sales in multi-retail showrooms and also reduced the requirement for manpower.