Facebook “Zero Friction Future” Virtual Wardrobe

New Techniques Help Save Time in a Fast-moving World

The aim was to make shopping a smooth activity, in this case for the fashion segment. Dressing room trials and to queue-up can be troublesome. A ‘smart’ system helped visitors with virtual trials, reducing buying time.

Zero Friction Future-Virtual Wardrobe-image-3
Zero Friction Future-Virtual Wardrobe-image-4

Facebook in Collaboration with KPMG Started “Zero Friction Future”

At an event in Bangalore, Tagbin installed a ‘Zero Friction Future’ setup for Facebook in collaboration with KPMG. An intelligent recognition system assisted visitors with virtual trials. AR technology helped visitors try the latest collection by simply standing in front of a mirror. The outfits could be experienced virtually and with the swipe of the screen, outfit change was made possible.