Facebook “Zero Friction Future” Virtual Wardrobe

New Techniques Help save your Time in a World of Hustle

Core aim was to reduce friction while consumers make a purchase. Dressing room trials made it a hassle free activity. An intelligently installed system provided visitors with a wholesome experience. Virtual trails helped visitors try the latest collection taking less time.

Zero Friction Future-Virtual Wardrobe-image-3
Zero Friction Future-Virtual Wardrobe-image-4

Facebook in Collaboration with KPMG Started “Zero Friction Future”

An intelligent recognition system helped visitors try the latest collection virtually. At an event in Bangalore, Tagbin installed a setup ‘Zero Friction Future’ for Facebook in collaboration with KPMG. AR technology helped visitors try new clothes just by posing themselves in front of a mirror. They also provided an option to help people swipe through various outfits and try next.