Dholera Smart City Experience Center

Dream Flight to Visualize Advantages of a Future Smart City

Attracting industrial tenants and investors for a smart city have been always a big challenge for the Smart City Vehicles. Even the most progressive smart city plan suffers from a lack of methods to attract the target audience. When intangible ways remained weaker to emancipate the real look of a smart future, tangible experiences take their seats. A little push to one’s emotional level can help them connect with an upcoming smart city plan. The need of the hour is to radically immerse in the future of facilities.

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Dholera Smart City Experience Center-Experience Zone-Image-3

Impressive Digital Experience Attracting Investments for Smart City

It’s time to speak with new-day immersive techniques - the first smart city experience center in Dholera, Gujarat. Unseen future advancements in urban development are communicated in a visually attractive way. A vision of the exciting opportunities towards a bright future in the smart city is unfolded by a series of experiences in various zones of the Smart City Experience Center. The impressive Digital Experience created by the Dholera's Experience Center intrigued renowned investors like the Chinese Steelmaker Tsingshan Holding Group who invested $3 billion in this project.