Bharat Thakur Art – Sculpture Hologram

Experience the Blend of Modern Art with technology

An innovative platform to communicate an artist’s imagination using modern technological methods. The latest work of art, sculptures, self-portraits, and pictures of Aghori Baba are displayed blended with technological ways of telling a story about them.

Experiential Art Exhibition-Bharat Thakur Art-Image 2
Experiential Art Exhibition-Bharat Thakur Art-Image 3

An Enhanced and Digital Storytelling Version of ART

Yoga guru and artist, Bharat Thakur is known for his unbridled passion of blending various energies, colors and textures into art. Tagbin merged experiential technology with sculptures giving a new feel to people twisting the whole center into an interactive and surreal tour. Along with this, the new-day Holographic technology elevated their level of interest amongst audience.