Museum on Life and Works of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar

The central installation with the glass prism roof has been conceived to split the natural light into a spectrum of colours, suggestive of Babasahib’s seven attributes. Dr. Ambedkar’s life was empowered by knowledge that he deployed to generate awareness and bring about social and economic change. This aspect of the legend, Tagbin will illustrate extensively with kinetic display, particle art installation and interactive screens.

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Bhimrao’s academic prowess has inspired Tagbin to present his work and all that has been published about him in a library setting, canopied by a tree that will have natural light filtering through. This area will have digital flip books as well as suspended touch screens offering a wealth of information.

A 360 degree projection on a dome shaped ceiling will present the details of the constitution and the able contribution of the architect of the constitution to the making of this historic document.

Visitors will be able to participate in the historic event of making of the constitution and hear the members debate, in the parliament setting recreated with immersive augmented reality. A giant suspended pen will enthrall people as it signs the names of the members on a digital screen.

A fascinating audio-visual experience awaits the audience with the replay of the thought provoking speeches of Dr. Ambedkar sparking a sound effect on a water body; the tonal changes of his voice converting into ripples in the water.

Tagbin will create a true-to-life robot of Dr. Ambedkar using artificial intelligence and visitors will have the opportunity to take a selfie with their revered leader.

Tagbin is poised to use inventiveness in a sensitive manner aided by technology and armed by a deep understanding of the subject through experts in the field.

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