Ami-Kolkata Experiential Museum at Metcalfe Hall

Kolkata’s Legacy and Live-history on display

Kolkata, best known for its pluralism and cultural legacy, has been encapsuled at the Metcalfe hall, sensitively and aesthetically. The exhibits present not only the past but the everyday life as well, for the visitors to experience the pulse of this heart-warming city.

Ami Kolkata-Metcalfe Hall-Digital Museum-Image-2
Ami Kolkata-Metcalfe Hall-Digital Museum-Image-3

Technology Meets Heritage in This Exposition.

Tagbin has brought in technology to make the soul of the past meet the heart of the present in this museum. Interactive displays make the exhibits come alive. The essence of Kolkata and the wealth of fine arts that this city holds within is brought forward with the help of present-day technology, to give an absorbing experience to the visitors. Tagbin has attempted to house the many to come alive with interactive Through this experiential museum, Tagbin has attempted to house the vibrancy of the city under one roof.