Ami-Kolkata Experiential Museum at Metcalfe Hall

Importance of Dynamic Kolkata is expressed to Layman Eyes

Kolkata is a hub of diverse cultures, people, cuisines & architecture but people in other parts of India are not much familiar with its varied nuances. They generally read about Kolkata but fail to feel its heartbeat. Designing of an experiential museum inside the Metcalfe Hall was proposed by the concerned government authority to accomplish their purpose.

Ami Kolkata-Metcalfe Hall-Digital Museum-Image-2
Ami Kolkata-Metcalfe Hall-Digital Museum-Image-3

Experience Cultural Diversity and Secular Harmony

Through this Experiential Museum, Tagbin attempts to capture, display and preserve the essence of Kolkata. Take a walk back in time through installed visual anchors and steep down in its diversity. Every small aspect about Kolkata comes to light using effective and interactive displays. Get completely engrossed in its vibrant fold.