In lieu of increasing tourism and to offer an unforgettable experience to modern travelers, high-end technology and experiential solutions are adopted to serve them the most exceptional experience.

Type Of Services


Projection Mapping Shows

A creative technique where by mapping the texture, color and dimensions of a structure, or a building interesting visuals are created and projected on its surface. It is basically done to showcase the cultural prominence of forts, museums, their historical importance and why is it important to preserve them.


Water Screen Projection Mapping Shows

A deep magical field and special effects created by engineers over the water in the air. It is an exceptionally tempting technique used for delivering a social-message or promoting a brand, event or for any other purpose.


Tourist Attracting Experiential Projects

Various smart and engineered solutions are implemented to make tourism an alluring activity than ever before. The government is investing in various projects like smart buses and experiential vehicles to offer audience an interactive experience crafted around self-exploratory solutions.


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IFFI 2019 Experience Zone