Smart City

Due to digitalization of various sectors, citizens have become very tech savvy. This has resulted in need of various smart solutions in smart city projects. These solutions are developed to increase the convenience of citizen, efficiency of government and help them make smart decisions.

Type Of Services

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Digital Experience Center

An experience center is designed using advanced experiential tools, and engineered methods to educate people about the vision of its makers, such as the government of India, corporate delegates, cultural festival organizers etc.

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An integrated command control center is what works for smart city projects to resolve day-to-day situations of the citizens’ by integrating data through networks, analyzing it and creating a helpful user-interface smart application.

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Smart Traffic Monitoring System

It is applied to management of traffic in an advanced user interface linked with mediums such as traffic lights, sensors and road networks.

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Smart Online Platforms

A platform where data from all places such as ports, rail systems, etc. is collated and used to tackle situations. It help citizens interact with all these areas to seek needful information.

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Smart App for Government

This solution bridges the communication between citizens and Government departments. It directly connect citizens through applications; for example (Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan App, Online RTI, etc.) to get social, economic and environmental issues.

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Integrated Transport Management System

An Integrated Transport Management System enables users to get informed of an automated ticket issuing system, bus fleet, vehicle tracking, real-time passenger information to make a safer, synchronized, and an efficient travel.

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Smart Parking

Data coming from road sensors, video cameras, smart devices and GIS is first analyzed and then an interface is created to combat traffic congestion and uncertainty at the parking space. It provide drivers exact details of the parking site/location, cost, travel time, etc.


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