Projection Mapping Shows

Projection Mapping is a unique way to narrate a story by highly impressive visuals. It can be done on various structures. Our team is specialized in bringing extensive detail in the show by making use of all the elements of the structure where the show is projected.

Impressive Way of Storytelling

Theatrical Experience

It offers a better understanding of the artwork with interactive real-time theatrical feel. Projections are usually set in order, in combination with performances which look like happening in real.

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Static goes Interactive

It’s only when projection mapping shields over a static equipment or building, it takes a person to experience in loops or interact with the environment, but all of this happens technically via programming.

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Self-exploratory tour

Where a generally long synchronized show is played using small pictures along with storylines and narratives, an interactive play is designed from beginning to end, this technology is an exploratory tour in itself.

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