Project: Experiential Advertising for Safety features


Headquartered in San Francisco, Uber is a peer-to-peer ridesharing, bicycle sharing, food delivery, and transportation company. You can access its services via apps and websites, just a tap away!

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The transportation company wanted to demonstrate how they leverage technology to embed safety into the UBER experience, before, during, and after every ride. In order to help them in promoting the technology for safety, Tagbin made a move with their realistic experiential marketing.


In order to provide effective solution, Tagbin explained the behind the scene process to help understand how Uber work 24/7 to ensure reliable and safe drives. To give traveller a safe driving experience, Uber app is providing innumerable features to enhance safety.

The backend services around the clock provided by Uber:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Centre of excellence provides support for critical incidents
  • To answer any urgent issue, Uber has a dedicated incident response team
  • Police services
  • Impact

    Uber is providing the best possible experience to all riders and driver partners. All these fascinating features of Uber apps will increase the users on Uber apps. The customer can start the app from anywhere and wait for the car to arrive without making it hassle task. There is no need to struggle on the streets for finding bus stop during night. Uber app provides the entire information of driver including name, picture, driving rate, and car details. This solution was made after long brainstorm sessions. And the fact is they didn’t stop by just appending with additional features but also ensured customers can make full use of it by training through Tagbin’s experiential marketing solution. Committed to keep riders, driver partners, and cities UBER SAFE!