Project: Experiential Advertising using 360 degree VR Drive


Headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan, Toyota is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer. When it comes to sales of hybrid electric vehicles, luxury vehicles, and engines, Toyota is the world's market leader, and one of the largest companies to support the mass-market acceptance of hybrid and luxury vehicles in the entire world.


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The automotive giant wanted to describe benefits or advantage of VR drive with seat belts and airbag over VR drive without seat belts. In order to assist Toyota in promoting the safety belts or airbags Tagbin helped to make it win-win show.


In order to provide effective solution, Tagbin set up an interactive virtual drive showing the pros and cons of with or without seat belts. To give viewers a real-time experience, they showed a virtual driving experience describing the benefits of wearing seat belts.

Here are some rules that audience needs to follow to experience this mind-blowing virtual reality game.

  • Emergency locking retractors that allows driver seat belt to freely extent and retract with occupant movement yet locks the belt during a certain stroke or upon impact.
  • Impact absorbing body
  • Front pretensioner force limiter seat belts
  • Collapsible steering compressors
  • WIL concept seat
  • Impact

    The idea of virtual drive proved to be a great success. Anyone can take benefit of Tagbin’s virtual driving ideas in order to attract audience. Through this way, you can motivate people to wear seat belts during driving and it is must for security purposes. Through Tagbin’s realistic experience, the company becomes able to increase awareness among the visitors or users and benefit people in order to build a better tomorrow. This idea is greatly accepted and appreciated by the audience.