Mercedes Benz


    Luxury Automobile maker Mercedes-Benz wanted to engage and demonstrate the capability of its cars to customers during test-drives, through coherent messaging. The objective was to provide correct, consistent and flawless personalised communication to its customers, reducing dependency on Sales Consultants’, thereby creating a lasting experience leading to a positive purchase decision.


    Tagbin, revolutionised the traditional test-drive experience by creating a ‘Talking Car’. The car adorns a new power to explain its own features to the customers as the software and hardware installed detects the actions of the customer during the drive, and describes its relevant features real time.

    The Customer is welcomed into the car through a personalised greeting, and actions like Acceleration, Braking, Reversing, etc. are enumerated by a live voice explaining the Engine High-precision Construct, Capacity, Capability, Braking stability, Safety standards, Park-Assist feature, etc. respectively. During engine-idle time, the car itself times its explanation of features like fuel efficiency, environment friendliness, aerodynamic designing, etc.

    The test-drive ends with the car elaborating various Finance and EMI options available to the customer to enable a faster purchase.


    Mercedes-Benz, like its cars, perfected their Customer Test-drive Experience with a first-of-its-kind innovation in the industry. The enhanced customer delight quotient is leading to higher conversions and increased market-share for the company.