Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki Maruti Suzuki is the most popular and favourite cars manufacturer in India.


    The objective was to impact aspects of road safety positively by training amateur drivers and provide skill development training to the underprivileged to help them earn livelihoods. The government had been trying to achieve the same by commissioning driving schools but those are few in number and face multiple problems such as land availability, costs for maintaining inventory and human resources etc.


    The team conceptualized and designed a Virtual Drive Simulator which closely mimicked the experience of driving on Indian roads. The users were equipped with a VR device and seated inside a custom-made simulator. The simulation featured tutorials and voiceovers guiding drivers on the right way to shift gears, handle the steering wheel and then simulating some real-life traffic conditions to help them acclimatize to what they would actually face on the roads.


    The Virtual driving simulator was able to teach the users road about safety rules and driving fundamentals, while also helping the new generation drivers learn how to drive through an intelligent software customized to mimic actual road scenarios in India. In this manner, new drivers got trained and could easily secure driving licenses & start a livelihood. The fact that the project was later acquired by the Maruti was testament to what Tagbin was able to achieve via the project. The effort put into making the simulator affordable, resource efficient and environment friendly was acclaimed by many and the initiative was very well received among the publc.