Project: Interactive Marketing through VR Cricket Game


Kingfisher was the official sponsor for IPL in 2013. Their aim during the IPL season was to create a buzz amongst the youth and for the masses to instantly associate kingfisher with IPL, thereby developing brand connect with the audience.

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Our country eats, sleeps and breathes cricket. Tagbin tapped on this very emotion to create a surreal cricket gaming experience, that most only dream of.The childhood dream of playing cricket in an ‘actual stadium’ was brought to life with this campaign!


Using a virtual reality headset, we teleported the player to a virtual cricket stadium. Green grass, blue skies and a cheering crowd! The stadium looked life-like. The gameplay involved players using a bat enabled with motion sensors that tracked real-time physical movement and displayed on a large screen, along with the scores for others to enjoy the game. Everytime the player scored, he also received virtual cheering from the crowds!


This unique and engaging experience helped its participants develop a strong association with the official sponsors: Kingfisher. Apart from its very visible fun quotient which helped in attracting large participation. The activity was replicated in 60 cities, thus effectively promoting the brand image and helping spread the IPL fever among the masses.