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Project: Augmented reality presentation on stage


The India Today Conclave offers a unique interaction opportunity at the highest levels of decision-making, exploring the potential of India in relation to its performance in the areas of geopolitics, business, . Every year, business and policy and is attended by a select gathering of leaders of government and business, analysts and representatives of think tanks from India and around the world.


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The conclave is a proprietary event of India today, and the Media giant wanted to enthral the top-notch audience with its redifined business ethos of focus towards technology. The idea was to thematically orient the event to project their tech savvy approach in their age-old traditional print version publication, as well as their on-stage presence at the event.


Tagbin realised that the core action of reading a print publication involved flipping pages using hands. And the movement of hands also formed the basis of a presenters’ body language to make his presence more effective on-stage. We used this as our fundamental to create hand gesture sensing technology solutions for them, creating a page-by-page digitized form of their print publication-the pages of which could be flipped through waving one’s hand over the digitized content.

Kalli Puri, Director India Today, delivered her truly magical ‘Vote of Thanks’, which was disruptively projected live on a large screen, spruced by relevant content & graphics triggered by her own hand gestures, and enabled by Augmented Reality technology.


The dignitaries at the event highly appreciated the thought leadership of India Today, to have innovated elements from their primitive past and showcasing their advancement with technology. India Today was highly successful in creating the tech-fervour of the event, which was their significant objective.