National Library of India, Kolkata

Project: Icons of Nationalism - An Experiential Museum


Bengal has always been a state with a glorious past, and Bengalis an embodiment of our traditional art forms like music, literature, and drama. Even the very foundation we stand on today as an independent citizen is built on the sacrifices of thousands of patriots. Bengal is one of the main centers of Indian freedom struggle against British imperialism that lasted for over two centuries.
Patriots and other ‘Icons Of Nationalism’ have in one way or the other had actively contributed towards the independence movement. It is important for the youth today to be acknowledged the importance of Indian freedom and the sacrifices that were made.

National Library Of India, Kolkata

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The best way to absorb a piece of information is by making it interactive and engaging. To make the youth aware of the Indian national movement, an Experiential Museum “Icons of Nationalism: From the Soil of Bengal” at National Library, Kolkata was installed.
The museum celebrates the essence of Bengali nationalism. How patriots and freedom fighters fought the battle in their respective fields. They used different tools to achieve one common goal; complete freedom from the colonial rule. The museum was installed to raise awareness about the inspiring lives of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, Rabindranath Tagore, Subhas Chandra Bose and Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, and many other freedom fighters.


As you enter the museum you can visually acknowledge yourself with the contribution of these personalities through digital and immersive installations.

Using experiential solutions the museum engages its viewers in rich sensory experiences. The museum was equipped with the latest installations like touchscreen panels, interactive walls, and audio-visual solutions. This way they get a real life like picture of the freedom struggle of Bengal and India.


To know the land, you might want to immerse yourself into its history. The youth and in fact anyone who visits Kolkata can now acquaint themselves from the inspiring stories of Bengali icons. Experiential Museum on Icons of Nationalism; Kolkata is the place that celebrates the Bengali culture and nationalism in its true raw sense.