HDFC is an Indian financial service providing company with its headquarters in Mumbai. This is one of the biggest private sector lenders in India. It provides services including personal loans, home loans, retail banking, wholesale banking, car loans and many more.



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HDFC wanted to install a setup, which could help people, realize the importance of self-worth and self-happiness. Inclusive of some interactive session with the viewers they wanted the people to understand the importance of inner health.


On this Tagbin commissioned a LIAR MIRROR in cities like MUMBAI and DELHI. It was an interactive mirror that could talk to the people looking at their own reflection. While talking to the mirror, the viewers have a few sessions of fun and games like doing sit-ups or saying a memorable movie dialogue.

While some viewers looking happy and fit, the mirror talked to them about the importance of inner health and happiness.


Viewers understood the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. They even marked the need to have a health plan that would suit their needs. Also, a message to have FINANCIAL BACKING for unforeseen medical circumstances was conveyed to the audience.