Project: Product activation through touch table


Gionee is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Founded in 2002, it is one of China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. For the market expansion in the Indian market, Gionee wanted to increase sales in multi-retail electronic showrooms.



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Consumers today are spoilt with choices. High utility products such as mobile phones are bought based on comparative analyses and “ recommendations “ from trusted sources. Purchasing a phone from multi-retail showrooms can be an overwhelming experience with salesmen usually pushing products with higher margins on to the customer. Due to this, the level of trust is bleak and often leads to a lot of confusion in the customer’s mind.

Addressing this challenge, Tagbin created a unique smart table, which when interacted upon acts as your personal consultant!


The customer places the phone onto this sensor based table, and all the phone’s features appear on the screen of the table. A customer may also place 2 Gionee phones to compare their features and make an informed decision.

The table also comes with an inbuilt sorting feature, where a customer may specify preferences such as ‘ budget’, ‘camera specs’ etc. The table then sorts through the modules to showcase only relevant options.


The smart sensor table considerably improved Gionee’s sales in multi-retail showrooms and enhanced customer experience for the showroom itself. The showroom also benefited by a reduction in manpower.