Project: Experiences Center for Fasah


The International Exhibition And Conference for IOT, fasah was an event to exhibit latest technology that is available in the market today. Events like such helps people to understand the changing ecosystem and get in touch with the evolution.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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The requirement was to exhibit and introduce the concept of an Interactive Projection Wall. The technology, which is interactive in nature, can help people and especially brands give more value to their business through interactive means.


Tagbin commissioned a modified Experiential Centre for its audience. The aim was to inspire people to look into the endless possibilities of such innovation products. With generic graffiti, doodle maps and infographics on the wall, the user could not only gain better information visually but also grasp better understanding of the product.


With such a surreal Experiential Centre, Tagbin was successful to inspire people to visualize the endless possibilities of such experiential marketing products. This way Tagbin can help business developers and strategies customized solutions for all types of companies.

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