Project: Zero Friction Future


Facebook is an American based social media platform. Ever since its inception in 2004, the platform has stayed at the top in the lists of social networking sites. There have been active 294 million from India itself in 2018. India has even marked first place even ahead of United States. With a global penetration of around 22.9 percent users, they access their Facebook account at least once a month.


Zero Friction Future

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Facebook wanted to reduce the friction for consumers to make purchases. With intelligent recognition system, they wanted Tagbin to install a setup that could help visitors to try the latest collection of the store virtually.


At an event in Bangalore, Tagbin installed a setup for Facebook in collaboration with KPMG launched an event named, “Zero Friction Future” programme. With the help of AR technology, visitors could try their clothes virtually by just posing in front of the set. They could also swipe through the options to try various outfits without actually changing into any of them. The AIM was to reduce friction on the path to purchase for the consumers


To make the dressing room trials hassle free, the installed system actually provided visitors with a wholesome experience. This interactive experience can be the future of the fashion industry. Virtual trails helped visitors get an idea of the latest collection and trying them, but ‘VIRTUALLY’.