Don't Drink & Drive

Project: Campaign on Don’t Drink & drive


The brand, as part of their CSR activities, wanted to do a strong campaign on “ Don’t drink and drive “. Many “ don’t drink and drive “ campaigns have been previously launched . However the impact of these campaigns is usually superficial and easily forgettable. Tagbin wanted to create a unique experiential campaign that ensures, that the message of drinking and driving is retained in the mind of the customer.

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Our approach to this was to dig deep and understand the intricacies of human behaviour. Don’t drink and drive as a message is better learned when experienced, than when preached! Inherently, our reptilian brain only refrains from doing an activity, once it recognizes the threats associated with it. Simply put, the fear of something makes us not do that! Thus, when one experiences a real accident due to being under the influence, is only when the realization of the situation hits! Similarly, the importance of investment only comes about, amidst a crisis.

Understanding the human nature behind such instances, helped us in forming a truly unique campaign based on virtual reality. Virtual experience can play an important role in activating the reptilian brain that automatically takes proactive measures before disasters.


Tagbin created a unique virtual driving experience to make the user realize the dire consequences of drinking and driving. We placed the brand’s most high-end car, outside pubs of the city, encouraging pub goers to play a driving game. Users who came out of the pub were in most cases under the influence. They sat in the car to take a test drive.

A virtual driving simulator was installed in the car and the user was encouraged to test their reflexes and drive in various terrains.

Suddenly as the user is driving, a car virtually rushes towards him and collides into his car. The user experiences an impact, a thud ! and airbags come down, creating a real-life scenario of an accident! A message on the screen appears: Don't drink and drive, take a cab instead!


Statistics say that every 1 out of 1000 people who drink and drive die. Our campaign made 1000 drunk people take cabs instead of driving themselves thus saving one life.