Ami Kolkata

Project: Ami Kolkata - Experiential Exhibition at Metcalfe Hall


Every state and country has a story to tell. It whispers about its culture from every corner and every street. If you are in Kolkata, you might want to immerse yourself into its rich history. At Ami Kolkata Exhibition you can take a tour through the 8 zones that depict the past cultures, traditions and everything that circumcises the city.

Metcalfe Hall, Kolkata

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The idea was to take the viewers through a journey of Kolkata so that by the end of the entire journey they are enriched them with its culture, traditions, and history. To depict such vast history it was essential to define and categorize it into various zones.
So, to narrate the story of the ‘City Of Joy’ the exhibition takes you through a total of 8 zones, categorized uniquely to give you a clear picture of Kolkata's vibrant and glorious past. The zones are defined by depicting its cultures, stories, surprises, influence, celebration, confluences, and memories. This way people can walk through different zones and experience the history that the city resonates today and become a part of the city.


As you walk through these zones you are acquainted with the past using experiential solutions. You are taken to a visual walk to the very corners and streets of Kolkata. With the layering of photographic installation, you can see the change that the city has been through. From its people to the community the installation represents the ‘City of Confluence’.

In another zone of ‘City of Celebration,’ there is an art installation, which depicts the traditional Durga idol-building scene. You can also acquaint yourself with a video projection of a typical Bengali wedding taking place.

There is also a digital installation of a handmade dingy boat rowing on the river in the ‘Zone of Stories’. With an interactive touch display, you can swipe through and see some key incidents that shaped the culture of the city that we have today.

Kolkata has been the birthplace for many iconic heroes of the Indian Film Industry and many leaders, writers, poets, and artists. With a video projection, ‘Kolkata and the World’, on the display panel, you can read many quotes from some famous personalities who have influenced the world.


The purpose of the exhibition to capture all the nuances of the city was fulfilled. The story it narrates and its rich heritage through the passages of the time were detailed in an interactive and visually appealing manner. Ami Kolkata defines the very essence of Kolkata and makes the visitor feel the heartbeat of the city.