NFAI (National Film Archives of India)

Project: Mahatma On Celluloid


The National Film Archives (NFAI) of India in collaboration with the Bureau of Outreach and Communication had to hold a multi-media digital exhibition as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. The idea was to have an exhibition based on his life and principles in an interactive way.

Kala Academy in Campal-Panaji

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To pay ode to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Birth Anniversary, the idea was to set a digital exhibition that displays his philosophy of truth and non-violence. The exhibition had to be informative and interactive at the same time.


Titled Mahatma on Celluloid, the exhibition had commissioned Tagbin to provide the viewers a digital experience to relive the life of Mahatma. Using experiential solutions like Interactive Wall Display, Projection Mapping, Digital Flipbook, and Multimedia Tunnel, a walkthrough was set. It started with a digital collage of films based on him and took the viewers through a series of interactive displays, which described some historic moments from Gandhiji’s life.


Installed displays and games made the exhibition much more engaging. With a host of games including quizzes, the viewer could gather knowledge while being entertained at the same time. It engaged a lot of audiences to participate. The overall digital exhibition was remarkable in recreating the life of Mahatma Gandhi through interactive technology.